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Sonata Arctica


  • Sonata
  • Metal
  • Space
  • Other
  • Rock
song from
  • 2011
  • 2006
  • 2002
  • 2000
  • 1996

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A replica is a copy that is relatively indistinguishable from the original. Replica may also refer to: In science: * Replica trick In technology: * Replica (Microbiology), Complementary copy of single stranded DNA. * Replica (Microtechnology), Complementary copy of a structure or pattern containing inverted detail. * Replica (Plan 9), a client-server data replication system * Replica 1, a clone of the Apple I computer * BAE Replica, a BAE Systems aircraft research project * T-Rex Replica, a digital delay guitar pedal made by T-Rex Engineering In popular culture: * Replica (comics), a female superhero from Marvel Comics * Replicas (album), an album by Gary Numan and Tubeway Army * “Replica”, a song by Beck from Modern Guilt * Replica (song), by Fear Factory from the album... Read on...

Song lines: ♪ Nothing's what it seems to be ... Empty shell inside of me ... I'm a replica, I'm a replica

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